Action Coach - Rhiannon Rees

Business coaching that aims to make you and your business thrive! 
116 Cathedral street, Woolloomooloo, NSW, 2011
Contact Person: Rhiannon

Phone: 1300980543
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Business Coach and Entrepreneur, Rhiannon has a passion for helping businesses thrive...

Rhiannon completed her Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology, Sydney in 1990. From there she embarked on a corporate path starting as a marketing trainee with Colgate-Palmolive. She then worked for the Minister of the Environment as a Public Relations Consultant.

After extensive travel overseas, Rhiannon returned to Australia and began working as a Product Manager for Pacific Dunlop. She was managing 40 million dollars worth of accounts across 8 different companies. Then she started working for herself while consulting other business ventures.

Along the way Rhiannon was employed by a multi-national publishing company an industry where she had had no experience. Starting without a single customer within three months, she booked 6oo clients with over a year's worth of appointments. This resulted in a million dollar turnover during the next 12 months. The company employed 64 staff and had an 8 million dollar turnover of which she was responsible for 1 million. When she left, the Managing Director offered her carte blanche to stay.

Rhiannon has been consulting businesses while managing her own 2 companies and completing a Master's program in Homeopathy. The last company she owned with a partner employed 35 staff within a seasonal business.
She has built 5 of her own companies from the ground up.

Rhiannon thrives on challenges. She is very resourceful and likes getting to the crux of the issues at hand so that successful changes can be implemented.

Her career has spanned many different industries including: high volume retail, information technology, arts and crafts, photography, tourism, health and wellness and fashion.

She offers her clients complete dedication to the task at hand. She allows clients to see the opportunities they can create and their business to grow professionally, financially and personally. As a well known coach said: You do not buy a product, you buy a business.

Once she can show clients the areas in their business which are holding them back, she can help them implement change..... get ready to fly!!!!

Through her coaching, Rhiannon will offer you not only clarity with your goals, but also a time framed action plan on how to achieve these goals daily and within reality. Every business needs an entrepreneur (dreamer) a manager (to make reality from the dream) and a technician to work within.