Atlantis - Water Management

Water management technology, preventing flooding, restoring purification. 
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Centuries of urbanisation and industrialisation have put extreme pressure on natural water systems and their related ecosystems.

Atlantis is dedicated to designing water management technology that not only meets human needs, such as preventing flooding, but also restoring nature's water purification system and conserving resources for future use.

In nature, almost ninety per cent of the earth's surface is pervious, letting rainfall infiltrate where impurities can be remedied and moisture retained to support life.

Conversely, in urban areas almost ninety percent of surface area is impermeable and, during rainfall, both air and surface pollutants are trapped and accumulate in water flow.

With technology and developments such as drainage cells, infiltration tanks, purification units and bioremediation soils that restore natural water purification processes, Atlantis has emerged as a world leader in environmental site development and water management.

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