Australian Spirit Sailing Company

Sydney Harbour Cruises, private sailing charters, and whale watching tours. 
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During winter and spring join us for awe-inspiring Sydney Eco Whale Watching Tours.

Sydney Eco Whale Watching's personalised 4.0 hour eco-tour caters for only a small number of passengers at a time. No large pushing crowds onboard and lots of personal attention will make this a powerful, awe - inspiring experience.

Sydney Eco Whale Watching has been running Eco Whale Watching Tours from Sydney Harbour since year 2000.

Every year, between Late May until late November, about 8,000 whales migrate along the Australian coastline to their feeding and breeding grounds.

Sydney is in a very fortunate position to see the whales on both the Winter migration northwards(Late May until August) and the Spring Migration southwards (September until November).