ReachMe 12 Month Membership Package

Would you like a customer database that automatically grows as your business does ?

A ReachMe membership automatically generates it for you, or grows your existing customer list. If you were to sell your business, a customer database significantly increases its value to any buyer.

Would like all your customers to have your business card on them all the time ?

Imagine if your customers had your business card on them all the time.

With your ReachMe Mobile Business Card they store it on their phone and now can easily recommend your business and pass on to their friends multiple times.

Would you like a way to send quick, low-cost effective promotions direct to your customers ?

ReachMe does all this, and much more, and helps your business grow. It's so easy to start, and incredibly cost effective compared to any other marketing strategies.

Upgrade your free listing webpage to our full Web to Mobile membership with the Mobile Business Card.

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The following is included in our standard Membership Package

Automatically Generate a Customer Database
  1. Automatic customer database generation
  2. SMS Me feature (you customers can now send you messages directly from the web to your mobile)
  3. Go to the top of ReachMe search results
  4. Send Mobile promotions to your customers at any time
  5. Your free ReachMe webpage gets upgraded to include full website features with the ability to add multiple pages, themes and layout
  6. Automatic Multi-level affiliate program
  7. 50 FREE message credits p/month included for business card delivery + SMS Me etc

BONUS: 1200 Message Credits

(100 p/month) when you pay for 12 month membership. Save $264

All for just $49 +gst p/m

($588+gst for 12 months)

Click to compare this with standard marketing approaches.

Contact us to get started - and we will have you up and running in days, and generating your customer database.

We also provide marketing packages to drive traffic to your website(s), and build your customer database. Have a look at our print or our online SEM solution depending on your requirements.