ReachMe ‘Print’ Promotion Package

+ with Web to Mobile

Combines traditional Print marketing with Web and Mobile to double the effectiveness at half the cost.

Our targeted print promotion package is designed to bring you new customers, and grow your customer database.

Print Focussed

Trackable Results

Great Value

The following is included:

1 » 1000 Business Card + Card Cues Display System
Unique Business Card Display System

We update your business card to include your ReachMe Web to Mobile address. Now your customers can always reach you, and download your card to their mobile, while you automatically grow your contacts database.

Additionally, we provide the unique Card Cues display system so you can easily place your business cards in multiple locations.

2 » Printed Coupon with 10,000+ Letter box drop
Letter Box Coupons with Download to Mobile

We design a coupon for you - and create both print and mobile versions. The Coupon has your ReachMe address - and encourages customers to visit your site and download to their mobiles.

We letter box drop a minimum 10,000 in the local area.

3 » Local Newspaper Promotion
Newspaper Promotion with Mobile Coupons

We run a local newspaper promotion with your discount offer and web address for downloading to mobile.

You automatically grow your contacts database when anyone visits your site and downloads your coupon or card.

4 » Web to Mobile Coupon with 500 Download Credits
Download coupons from the web to your mobile

Visitors to your website or ReachMe can download your coupon, and you capture their details.

The mobile coupon is much more convenient to use than print as you do not have to remember to bring it with you as its stored on the mobile.

500 Download Credits (SMS/MMS Sending) included.

All for just $3600. 50% deposit.
50% on letter box deliveries + newspaper add live.
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