Price Comparison

Compared to common marketing solutions, ReachMe gives you much more for much less. Guaranteed result, long term and trackable.

Advertising ApproachWhat is IncludedCost
True Local ‘Priority’ Listing Basic business listing (1 category, 5 photos) $1161 p/a
Local Newspaper Ad 1/16 page advertisement in local weekly paper. Creation + 2 - 4 weeks running. $2000+
Online Banner Advertisement Single rotating banner ad on one industry site $1000+ p/a
Letter Box Drop Design brochure, drop off at local homes (10,000) $2500+
Mobile Advertising Campaign One off mobile promotion - create and send to customers. $5,000+
SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Setup search engine marketing for business website, 12 months ongoing. $2,500+
Compare the above to ReachMe solutions below

ReachMe Standard Membership

  • with web to mobile
  • Automatic customer database generation
  • Add up to 10 pages
  • SMS Me Now feature & Email integration
  • Send mobile promotions in minutes
  • Click here for full details
$588 for 12 Months!

Save $264

ReachMe Print Promotion Pack

Print focused marketing campaign integrated with Web to Mobile to generate customer database
  • Printed Coupon
  • Local Newspaper Promotion
  • 1000 Business Cards + Card Cues Display System
  • Web to Mobile Coupon with 500 Download Credits
  • Click here for full details
RRP $3600

Market rate normally $5000+

ReachMe SEM Online Marketing Pack

Online Marketing Campaign with Web to Mobile Coupon + 500 Download Credits
  • Get on the 1st page of Google search results
  • Mobile Advertising Campaign
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Google Business Listing
  • Google Adwords
  • Multi-Level Automatic Affiliate Program
  • Integration Into YOUR Existing Site
  • Click here for full details
RRP $2400

Market rate normally $7000+