Mobile Messaging

Mcards can be sent to mobile phones in several easy ways:
  1. From your online account to any of your contacts or groups
  2. From your mobile phone using MMS or Bluetooth
  3. 'Web to Mobile' by anyone downloading from your Member's Website directly to their mobile phone
  4. NOTE: You can also send text messages from your online account as well as any regular file.

Send Using Your Account


Your account has several easy to use messaging features:

  • Send to individuals or groups
  • Send standard multimedia Mcards (less than 100KB)
  • Send any file or URL (sends file as link)
  • Send standard SMS text to mobiles

Send to Individual

Just type in the phone number or name of anyone in your Contacts list.

Send to Group

Simply start typing in your group name (from your contacts) in the To field and the full group name will automatically appear. If there are several groups or contacts with similar names, you can choose which one you are after.

There are two automatic groups: All & Subscriptions. To send a message to all your contacts, simply type all. To send to subscriptions, simply start to type sub and that group will appear.

You can create as many groups as you like. Simply click on the Add a new Group link in your contacts, and then enter the group name. To add individual contacts to that group, click on the all group, then click on any of your contacts, then click the Groups link. You can add them to one or more groups.

Sending Any File or URL

The FILE or URL option allows you send any file as a link to mobile phones. Eg, the receiver gets your message and an option to download it.

The main advantage of this is that you can send any file and are not restricted in size or file type. Hence, use this option when you need to send a large multimedia files greater than 100Kb.

Sending Text

You can send regular SMS text messages. Simply select the SMS Text option, choose you recipients and write the message. This is the same as sending an SMS on your phone - however you can easily send to groups, schedule messages for the future and get replies to your account and/or your mobile phone.

OPTION 1: Enter the Name Directly


OPTION 2: Click the Send Icon From Your Contacts


Sending Mcards From Your Phone

You can send any Mcard directly from your mobile phone. The most common way is using MMS. Once you have an Mcard on your phone, simply forward it to anyone. You phone should automatically set it as an MMS (MultiMedia Message or Picture Message). If you have saved an Mcard to your phone, simply start a new Message and choose Picture or Multimedia Message or equivalent, and locate the Mcard on your phone.

If you are next to someone you want to give your card to, you can also send using Bluetooth and avoid all network costs. Simply find the Mcard on your phone, choose the send option, then select By Bluetooth, and follow the instructions.